Building world's largest community of Digital Nomads in the Metaverse


What is Debust Squad?

DEBUST SQUAD is a collection of 10,000 unique Meta Nomad NFTs.

The pleasure of learning or working from anywhere has reached the Metaverse. Why travel alone or be by yourself when you can be part of the world’s biggest nomad’s community? Our world has no borders! Here is nomadic lifestyle, in the web 3.0.

Every NFT is ready to walk with you into the Metaverse empowered and informed as a member of the DEBUST SQUAD!

Want to be a part of this awesome journey? Join the BUSTED SQUAD through our collection of 10,000 unique PFP NFTs.



Nomadic search for food and entertainment is one of the oldest human subsistence methods. What would be of this world if nomads have never explored new lands and places to be?

Now traveling a few centuries in history, today’s hunt is about knowledge and modern technologies.

Without visa or paperwork, no language barriers, join us in this journey of discovery of the new dimension, the Metaverse way of living.

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See how the product that empowers the Metaverse is being developed. Be a part of our journey!

Q3 2022
Community Building

DEBUST’s core mission to empower the Metaverse start with building a sublime community. Exclusive whitelist events, giveaways and benefits will be launched regularly. News and updates will be announced and discussed transparently with our members because we believe in the power of an informed and tight-knit community.

Q4 2022
Research & Development

As we pioneer into the Metaverse, we want to understand every needs and issue that DEBUST can solve. Funding will go towards R&D to build a top-tier version of DEBUST 1.0 that can revolutionalise the market.

Q1 2023
Marketing & Expansion

Hype generation and advertisements on top crypto and NFT sites are deployed to get constant traffic and attention for DEBUST. We strongly focus on expanding the DEBUST user base at this stage.

Q2 2023
Strategic Partnerships

We aim to onboard investors who are passionate about DEBUST mission and value as much as our community. At the same time, we build partnerships with like-minded influencers who can lead the industry opinion and help us expand our empowered community.

Q3 2023
DEBUST 2.0 Development

Exciting features for NFT Creators along with exclusive DEBUST Membership Perks, Coins and Rewards will be launched. We will start this phase by re-distributing rewards to our thriving community.

DEBUST 2.0 will introduce a vertically integrated Web3 Ecosystem. We will continue to buy new NFT projects.

DEBUST 2.0 will also focus on taking equity in exciting NFT projects. Our profit will be reinvested in hiring top talent, acquiring new NFTS, a marketplace, and investing in next-level marketing. 

Mint Map

Q4 2022
Pre-Mint Launch

- Hype Generation & Community Building via Discord and Twitter
- Pre-launch Advertisements on social media and top Crypto & NFT sites
- Community Engagement Event: Whitelist Giveaway of 100 NFTs!

Join our Discord to find out how you can enter and earn your DEBUST NFT for FREE.

Q1 2023
VIP Mint

- 900 NFTs at 0.04 ETH
- Members with VIP Mint gain exclusive access to all existing and coming DEBUST membership features as long as they hold the NFT. 

Q2 2023
Public Mint

@ 35%
- NFT listing on Opensea available for bidding
- 10 ETH Giveaway
- The BIG launch of DEBUST 1.0

@ 60%
Influencers marketing campaign deployed 
- Exciting DEBUST updates to be announced 

@ 100%
Full blast marketing and development plan for DEBUST 2.0


Each NFT is programatically generated on Etherium Blockchain Network as ERC-721 Tokens by combining 70+ unique traits across different categories.

Skin Color

Team behind DEBUST

Meet our talented team of creators, fun-lovers, and magic makers.


Join the SQUAD!

Now that you know about our Nomads, here is how they will take over the world!

Our Nomads are crazy explorers. They get curious about the smallest things and because of this they are very knowledgeable.

They are all unique in their own ways despite being bound by the fact that they are Nomads. They all are cultured and that brings them closer together.

Want to be a part of this awesome journey? Join the BUSTED SQUAD through our collection of 10,000 unique PFP NFTs.