5 Best NFT Games To Earn & Invest in Crypto | Best of 2022

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5 Best NFT Games To Earn & Invest in Crypto | Best of 2022

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Nowadays, people are gradually shifting towards NFTs for digital investments. Ever since the NFT has come into existence, we are always being reminded of the fact that how it can have a major impact on technological advancements. 

Besides cryptocurrencies, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are beginning to take over a broader spectrum of industries, like arts, fashion, and many more. They have even found their way into the gaming industry and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Impact Of NFT On The Gaming Industry

Non-fungible tokens have consistently demonstrated the level of influence they can have on the gaming industry. There's a lot of excitement about the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and how this new economic model could create more engaging, immersive gameplay and encourage the users to play and earn at the same time. 

Developers these days are leveraging renowned blockchain technology to make gameplay a thrilling experience for the players. 

NFT games are a different approach to holding digital assets on the blockchain. Each NFT game might have its own rules and regulations to earn tokens from it. For instance, your unique avatar in a game can be represented as your NFT.

Discovering digital items while playing games could also be NFTs. The value and rarity of these items can be significantly higher than other digital items. These can be traded or swapped with other players for a profit.

The latest play-to-earn updates also depict how a player can generate income from NFT games. Isn’t that awesome! These kinds of NFT games help users generate an extra income stream. 

Users are rewarded with tokens and sometimes NFTs. The longer they play, the more income gets generated. One can easily earn tokens while playing a game, whereas getting NFTs are more of a chance-based situation.

Let’s check out the best NFT games that will help you generate a huge income.

1. Axie Infinity

Best NFT games - Axie Infinity _ STANDOUT DIGITAL

Axie Infinity is one of the best NFT games available in the market. It is a game based on the Pokemon series and has its own blockchain spin to create an even more fun experience.

Axie Infinity is an Ethereum-based game where you can collect and breed digital pets called Axies, specifically for battling against other player teams. These Axies have their own genetical traits and are different from one another. 

Therefore, when these are incorporated for breeding purposes the offspring has similar strengths and weaknesses. It’s a very interesting play-to-earn NFT game. These digital pets come with qualities and traits that depend on their rareness and can be traded on the Ethereum NFT marketplaces. 

The reward you can earn in this game is Smooth Love Potion (SLP) which acts as an ERC-20 token on any cryptocurrency marketplace. Each token is different from one another which is easily exchangeable with other Ethereum tokens.

Axie Infinity is not a free-to-play game. You need 3 Axies to start playing it. There are different kinds of Axies available varying in prices which depends on the range of traits they possess.

2. Gods Unchained

Best NFT games - Gods Unchained _ STANDOUT DIGITAL

Gods Unchained has reinvented the old-fashioned card game by infusing some amazing NFT trading components into its gameplay. You can even play PVP (Player vs. Player) games in there! 

The best part is that it chooses the players with the help of an in-build ranking feature to pair you up with similar opponents in PVP matches. It is one of those popular NFT games that require strategy and skills to move from one level to another. 

You will be able to win a game if your opponent’s energy hits zero before your does. On winning, you will receive a pack of cards to decorate your game and these cards are ERC-21 tokens that can be sold on NFT marketplaces. 

It is one of the best NFT games where players collect cards by trading with other players or by winning PVP challenges. The quality of the cards and gaming skills can often determine the winner. Gods Unchained is a free-to-play game. You don’t require to invest anything to play your first match. 

3. The Sandbox

Best NFT games - The sandbox _ STANDOUT DIGITAL

The Sandbox is a successful NFT-powered voxel-based game that allows players to buy, own, and build their gaming assets along with easy virtual trading of these assets. It's a creative platform that empowers you to make games or new assets, even as you play games! More than a gaming platform, it's a creator-focused platform. 

You're in complete control of your creations and can buy and sell those online using SAND tokens in the internal platform. 

On the other hand, the Game mode allows you to create an expansive world of your own and populate it with engaging games and experiences. You can create your own Metaverse inside the sandbox.

Another interesting game feature is that The Sandbox allows you to explore other players' worlds, play games in them, and export content into your universe. 

The Sandbox gives players a chance to create and monetize voxel-based assets. For example, you can get various tools to create pets in the game and sell them at the marketplaces. The Ethereum blockchain supports the Sandbox and its land is also an NFT token.

It is a free-to-play game. Players can buy in-game products from the NFT marketplace as well as sell them too. 

4. Sorare

Best NFT games - Sorare _ STANDOUT DIGITAL

Sorare is a new French card game that football fans can enjoy. They get to role-play as coaches and managers in order to execute their strategy successfully. It runs on advanced blockchain technology. 

The main premise of this NFT game is to pick player cards and put them for competition. It's a bit like how football works in real life- it's about picking star players and presenting them with the best possible team you can for maximum performance.

The interesting part is that, in this NFT game, the outcome will be drawn from the player’s real-life matches from all over the world. The amount of points each player has accumulated determines the line-up's performance.

The game also offers a bonus - an epic card weekly for the top-ranked players. The rarity of the cards depends on their availability. The rarer your card, the higher its value.

Sorare has been successful in collaborating with more than 215 football clubs from all over the world to provide gamers with a fantasy football experience. 

It is an NFT game where you collect football player cards to participate in matches on the Ethereum blockchain. Players get access to a random deck of cards when they finish a specific task in the game. Sorare is a free-to-play game, and the rewards are amazing.

5. Cryptokitties

Best NFT games - Cryptokitties _ STANDOUT DIGITAL

Cryptokitties is a game that was built on the Ethereum network. The craze for this game reached an all-time high when players started breeding and collecting kittens. Each of these kittens is a unique ERC-21 token that can be sold on major NFT markets like OpenSea.

If you want to breed these crypto kittens, you can either buy them from one of the marketplaces or by breeding two kitties together. You can also get fancy features by breeding kittens with great traits and eventually earning rewards. 

It's such an exciting game to own and raise cats! You get rewards when you collect a group of kittens with different characteristics. The game also allows you to play puzzles and catfights as well!

It is the first game that was established on the Ethereum blockchain. The more unique cat traits you possess, the higher will be its value. Cryptokitties is not a free-to-play NFT game, so you have to purchase a cat to start the game. Each cat has varying traits which influence its value.

To Sum It Up...

The games mentioned in this article have effectively established themselves in the gaming industry and are making some serious waves. They’re highly entertaining and lucrative. 

It’s exciting and thrilling for the gamers because they provide excellent versions of their favorite genres plus the chance to be on the cutting edge of what's next. Of course, let’s not forget with the incorporation of NFT in the gaming industry, how smooth it’s becoming for people to earn and invest in cryptocurrency.

In 2022 developers have already planned several NFT games for release. This is excellent for gaming enthusiasts because they will have an early mover advantage and can make generate an income stream very easily. They also eliminate the need for middlemen and are one step closer to the future.