Top 7 NFT Maker Apps To Create Next-Level NFTs

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Top 7 NFT Maker Apps To Create Next-Level NFTs

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An NFT or a Non-Fungible Token is a specific unit of data that resides on the Ethereum blockchain. Each of the assets is exclusive, therefore each token holds a unique value that cannot be replicated, altered, or erased in any way. 

These tokens are also used to represent real-world items like artwork, music, pictures, videos, etc. You can use an NFT for proof of ownership.

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The world is in the process of moving to the NFT art space and with this, there is an evident rise of NFT maker tools online. With the advent of Cryptocurrency, it has opened up a whole new market for people who are professionals or enthusiastic about the world of digital art. 

There are various tools that will help you become an excellent NFT maker. If a creator wants to mint their work, they can use any of these platforms and the data will be stored securely in the blockchain. 

Investment in design software has fueled designers' ability to make their creations known. It offers them an incredibly intuitive interface to draw, paint, and build making it easier than ever for artists to share their work.

NFT maker tools are becoming an essential part of the artist’s design toolkit. With its clear graphics and multiple new features and updates, these can be used by everyone from beginners to professionals, as long as you have a learner’s mindset.

Here’s a list of the top NFT are tools that you must check out in 2022!


NFT maker review - Fotor

Fotor is a great software that's easy to use and lets you make high-quality art from your photos or images. It takes little time to master it but once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to save both time and effort and create beautiful artwork.

This NFT maker app takes advantage of AI technology to help you create beautiful art. Create a masterpiece with your own style in minutes. Upload a photo and use the software's intelligent algorithm to choose from a range of art styles.

The puls point is that there is no requirement for coding. You can just create your layers and make alterations according to your requirements. Another good thing is that you will be able to download your digital NFT art without having to sign up.


NFT maker review - Krita

Krita has been around since 2004 and it has evolved to be one of the best, free tools for digital art. The interface is highly customizable, which makes it great for both professionals and beginners.

With this tool, you can stack things wherever you want and play around with panels to create the perfect workspace of your own.

Krita offer over 100 preloaded brushes designed by specialists. It is a free NFT maker tool that lets you import brushes from other artists. The wrap-around feature also lets you create patterns and textures efficiently. 


NFT maker review -Sketchar

SketchAR is another popular tool that you can use to make NFTs. They convert digital art into collectible pieces of work so that you're not invested hugely in creative processes.

It is one of the most interesting and innovative mobile apps where you’ll be able to explore, create, and sell original digital art. 

SketchAR can convert your drawings into NFT art without any cost and help you list them in the marketplace. One of SketchAr's best features is that it makes it easy for artists to share their work with the world and find new inspiration. 

Every week, from all the uploaded art, it selects the best submission and makes it part of a weekly feed to fuel creativity.

NFT Creator

NFT maker review - NFT Creator

NFT creator is a great app to turn your photos into unique, digital assets that can be sold on various marketplaces. Tapping through this NFT maker app takes just a few seconds and is easy to do. It is available for all Apple devices.

NFT creator has a bunch of new features that have enabled you to quickly create cool artwork. Instead of having to draw on your own, these templates allow you to make funky designs within a few minutes.

The NFT Creator app offers varied subscription plans to its users. It has auto-renewal features for weekly or yearly plans, as well as a three-day free trial. This way you can find the right plan figure out if it is suitable for meeting your needs.


NFT maker review -Goart

With the GoArt application, you will be able to take pictures and turn them into realistic art with the use of image classification technology. To access all its features you are required to pay a small amount of fee which is totally worth the output that it will generate. 

In order to use the premium elements of the application, you have to pay a fee that ranges from $1.74 to $35.41. Since it has the latest technology under its umbrella, it has now become way easier to mint NFT artwork. 

It has several useful features, including support for high-definition. You will be able to export images up to 8 megapixels with this application. Not only this, you can print your artwork on materials like T-shirts, wallpaper, mugs, etc.


NFT maker review - NightCafe

NightCafe will not only provide you with a set of digital art supplies; it will also give you access to new AI-powered features. This NFT maker software incorporates a machine learning technique called neural style transfer that can be used to generate beautiful pictures automatically, without the need for any technical skills.

It's now easier than ever to convert your uploaded images to any art style with their advanced features. 

Uploading images is the first step for creating different novelties with their AI. This tool offers a number of styles to choose from based on your preference, making this one of the easiest ways to produce NFT art.

One of the best parts about using NightCafe is that you can download up to 5 artworks for free without any watermark. It also offers a bulk creation mode. NightCafe is a platform that lets you create and download high-resolution artwork, the magnification level can go up to 2.2 megapixels in size.


NFT maker review - Voxedit

The tool is beautifully designed to be functional for even beginner designers. It provides a robust set of advanced features and makes it easy for the user to whip up their beautiful digital art.

With this unique NFT maker tool, you can even animate your art by leveraging the application’s timeline. Once you are ready with your masterpiece, you can list and sell it on the Sandbox marketplace.

VoxEdit can incorporate a modeling editor with an animation system which is a cool thing that will appeal to people who enjoy making pictures animate in their own way.

It is simple to use, beginner-friendly and has advanced animation tools. It runs on Windows, macOS, or Linux and you can download its beta version for free!

To Sum It Up...

Now is the time to try out various tools and build your digital art portfolio. These NFT maker tools are evolving and newer ones are being launched gradually. It’s up to us to make good use of these new technologies. 

Even if you were into making NFTs for a long time or just started very recently, don’t be afraid to take the first step towards starting your journey with the help of these amazing tools. Try to find the trending NFT designs or the ones that have the potential to blow up and incorporate those in your artwork. 

Do your research, stay consistent and keep making art that portrays your identity and makes you feel good instead of the purpose of just selling it to the audience. In this way, you will reach your goal much faster than you had ever imagined.